Bolivia Organic AA Caranavi – medium or dark



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Our Bolivian coffee beans come directly from the producers in the Yungas region of Bolivia, through our importers, Invalsa. Invalsa has a long~term relationship with it’s Bolivian farmers,  paying for the cooperative’s annual organic certification, providing technical assistance, as well as community support including scholarship funds.

This coffee is shade-grown in the higher altitudes of the Carrasco La Reserva County, Caranavi Province. It was de-pulped and washed using pure Andes mountain spring water, sun-dried on wooden table tops, and hand sorted by “palliris”, Aymara women food graders.

Origin:    Bolivia
Region:    Caranavi Farm / Coop
Altitude:    5,575 ft.
Varietals: Tipica, Caturra, Catuai
Processing:    Wet washed

Cupping Notes for Bolivia Organic AA Caranavi:

Cupping Score: 82

Aromatics of molasses, brown sugar aromas with milk chocolate body. Acidity is a combination of green apple and citrus with significant crispness complementing the smooth body. Background spice notes. Long, textured finish.

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