Bolivia AAA Caranavi – Organic and Fair Trade



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These coffee beans are 100% Specialty Arabica, certified organic and Fair Trade and shade-grown in the higher altitudes. These coffee beans were de-pulped and washed using pure Andes mountain-spring water, sun-dried on wooden table tops and hand selected by “Palliris” (Aymara Indian women food graders).

Because of their flavor and aroma (see cupping notes below) we prefer a moderately dark roast for these coffee beans. However, other roasters prefer it darker-roasted.

.Cupping Notes: Score: 83-85 points. AROMA/FLAVOR: Chocolate, Brown Sugar. Vanilla. Clean & consistent. ACIDITY: Intensive citric (lemon lime). OTHER: Creamy aftertaste.  Full flavor, balanced and consistent. Classical Specialty Bolivian clean, sweet coffee.

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Dark, Espresso


12 oz Bag, 2 pound bag

Whole Bean or Ground

Ground, Whole Bean