Bolivia AAA Caranavi – Organic and Fair Trade – Dark Roast


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These coffee beans are 100% Specialty Arabica shade-grown in the higher altitudes of the Andes Mts. De-pulped and washed using pure spring water, sun-dried & hand selected by “Palliris” (Aymara Indian women food graders). Our importer has a direct relationship with farmers & is very happy with their long term relationship, seeing significant improvements in the quality of Bolivian coffee and the lives of the farmers. Bolivia is the poorest country in Latin America. Entrepreneurial native Bolivians have been given allotments of 10 hectares (about 22 acres) of tropical land to farm from the government.

CUPPING NOTES: Chocolate, brown sugar, vanilla. Clean & consistent.  Intensive citric (lemon lime). Creamy aftertaste.  Full flavor, balanced and consistent. clean, sweet coffee.balanced and consistent. clean, sweet coffee.

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Dark, Espresso


12 oz Bag, 2 pound bag

Whole Bean or Ground

Ground, Whole Bean